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St. James Town Storeys
Coping with COVID in St. James Town part 1

Episode 1

Coping with COVID in St. James Town part 1

high-rise physical distancing, challenges with food shopping, employment opportunities, and income loss, and early stages of residents’ collaboration.​

Interested in reading the transcript of the interview? Please click the web link “Transcript Episode 1” or download the pdf file using this link “Transcript Episode 1


St. James Town Storeys is grateful to Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) for their kind assistance in making this episode. This episode looks at the challenges of physical distancing in a high-rise apartment building, as well as residents’ experience with food shopping, employment, and income loss. It also looks at early stages of residents’ collaboration to deal with the pandemic.

Emily spoke of the shortages of open public space for people to get fresh air and healthy exercise as a dilemma for people in St. James Town. This is the focus of these two news commentaries.

The interview also touched on difficulties that people are experiencing in applying for Employment Insurance during the pandemic.

Kristyn Wong-Tam, Councillor for Ward 13

Kristyn Wong-Tam’s updates on COVID-19. Notice that under “links and resources” she provides a links to a great variety of supports and programs to help people during the pandemic.

James Town thanking essential workers and each other, April 7

Prototype of adult masks sewn by Emily for donation

Prototype of adult mask sewn by Emily for donation

Training meeting of CREW volunteers at 77 Howard, Feb. 1, 2020

Training meeting of CREW volunteers at 77 Howard, Feb. 1, 2020

St. James Town: A Panaromic view by Emily

St. James Town_Panaromic view by Emily Blakelock

1 thought on “Coping with COVID in St. James Town part 1”

  1. Nalini Pandalangat

    Kudos on an excellent first episode. It has been a long time dream of the residents of St. James Town to have stories told from within – stories that are authentic and real, about things that the community really cares about, is proud about, or grapples with. Thanks for bringing that to fruition.

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